"Caballo de Guernica 2"
32x28cm Acrylic on canvas Sep 2019

"Caballo de Guernica 2" Is my take (second try) and reinterpretation of the famous Guernica horse that appears on Picassos' historical piece. The feeling and expressions that Pablo's horse conveys has it's on inherent strength that I wanted to re express with my own style.

I give myself a more freedom and spontaneity on the coloring of this types of pieces. I kind of paint on a free hand on the canvas, at times I even simply recycle my unused paint on a piece of left canvas and when the composition has something I apply the subject of the piece unto it and rework it until I'm satisfied.

Right after I finished this piece, I went to make this alternate version entitled "Caballo de Guernica 2" that came with a very different feel even though the design and subject remained the same. This shows the power of color and mood to affect your creation.

Caballo Azul (de Guernica)