"San Gianuario Piange V2"
109x89cm Acrylic on canvas 2016

This is the second version (and use of the stencil) of the "San Gianuario piange" piece. This one I made with much more time and precision than the first that I made (I mean painting the background and actually applying the stencil) during a whole afternoon at the event "Do the writing" at Marsico Nuovo. This is the first version in on canvas.

Given the fact that the first and original version is promised to stand at the central bar of the town for as long as I'm alive and/or that the bar closes in order for the people to profit and enjoy seeing the piece. I made this second version with the scope of giving the opportunity to be privately bought and owned.

1st version (use of the stencil) of "San Gianuario piange" CLICK to go to article. 

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