50x70cm Acrylic on canvas Mars 2019

"Moses" is my take on the classical sculpture from Miguel Angel "Moses" I really like to revamp classical thematic and works using my own style and technique. My idea is not to size or compare my capacities with those of grand maestros (which would be arrogant and impossible) but to add a particular feeling and personal touch to their creations. This is a sort of a "study" piece to an idea I have in mind that I will translate into another upcoming piece where I'll paint the Moses with the famous "thug life/turn down for what digital glasses" which for me represent an important symbol of contemporary internet meme culture.

This piece is part of a series of works that all share the common denominator of having a classical object/subject reinterpreted with my own hand and style addition. You can check in the slideshow below some of the related works that I created using the same formula and idea.    


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