50x70cm Acrylic on canvas 2015

I made this piece in Fribourg during a trip to Switzerland in 2015. I had been  living in Italy for a few years and the fact that I had the opportunity to work in a nice studio with a changed mind made me do this. This is one of the first pieces where I go further in the idea of digging the possibilities there are to make "stencil" street art made with free handed brush strokes that would be more organic and unique while keeping that simplicity that stenciled street art had to it. I like the contrast between the subject being in black, grays and white with simple plain colored backgrounds.

Taking upon the subject of making a portrait of Bob Marley seems to me like a classic positive human being depiction. I love his music, persona,  aura an symbolic and I made this to update his illustration to my actual and contemporary ways to depict and expose what represents to me. 

I'm very glad this piece is in the hands of my dear friend Jay Selecta (One of Geneva & Switzerland founding Reggae Selectas from legendary UNITY  Sound) Nuff Respect. One Love

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