80x100cm Acrylic + spray paint on canvas 2015

"Flamenco" est pièce issue d'une magnifique expérience de travail en collaboration et partage avec le graffeur Dabtwo Lts à Genève lors d'une soirée mémorable avec le fratelo Maeki Maii qui nous a fait écouter son disque à venir pour l'ocassion. Bref, j'aime cette pièce elle en dégage. C'est dit.

That said in french (it had to be said in the language and vibe spoken at the time of the creation in Geneva. This is a 4 handed piece that I painted in colaboration with the Graffiti artist Dab 2 during a well rhumed night listening to the new album Maeki Maii had just finished producing entitled like the piece "Flamenco" (or vice versa). Another funny thing about this piece is that I putted it on display at a Paint shop in Nyon that same year and after two weeks, a misterious client bought it and his identity was never known.

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