100x70cm Acrylic on canvas 2015

"iThinker is my first and unique piece of the size on the theme of today's reflective reality. What does it mean to think in today's super-connected social network society? This piece intends to open a discussion about the many implications of new technologies on the human evolution of the thinking process. "I have always worked on the idea of confronting and merging past and tradition with contemporary reality. The idea is to reinvent and/or update the evolution of mankind depicted in art using icons from the past and present"

I intend my his work to be conversational pieces and is on a quest to fix the "signs of the times" This piece was exposed at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery in 2016 and is one of the first achieved global thematic, this piece pretends to capture an deep and meaningful shift in the way humanity (as a whole) and humans (as individuals) think and operate. This is the very first finished painted piece, up to mars 2018, I have made another 2 versions that vary in size and details. 

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