"The kiss"
73x80cm Acrylic on canvas 2013

Typical Rodrigo's interlacing bodies and figures in an abstract/cubist style. In this case it's the morphing of two women's figures and expressions with a man. This piece is a retake of the artists early classic style but it was made in a later period. Unique in comparison to the collection of similar, parallel and related pieces of the period, different in composition and in conveyed message. This piece is about temptation.

In this piece you can still feel the naive yet bold affirmation of the composition and deep color use. The thematic is obviously sexually charged but it is also clear that the artist also uses the woman as an excuse to experiment with form and composition for the sake of it. It was exposed publically just one at the Ditzoff Galerie d'Art at a solo show and became Property of reknowend swiss Artist Jerome Rudin.

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