"Nicaragua Resiste"
60x80cm Acrylic on canvas 2018

"Nicaragua Resiste" is a piece that follows the methodology and scope Rodrigo used in the pieces he made about his own country Venezuela during the protests. In 2018 Nicaragua's people confronted the authoritarian Daniel Ortega who answered with extreme repression, murder and suppression of freedom. Rodrigo used his experience collected through the method he used to make the pieces about Venezuela protests of 2014 and 2017 and applied it to the Nicaragua case and situation. You can read more about this method of painting in real time and using social networks to raise awareness and increase impact in the article about the "Bravo Pueblo" pieces (picture on the side)

The artist would identify the most viral and meaningful images from the occurring events and actors and made a sort of "collage" of what he considered should be rendered in painting through his very recognizable and now famous style and angle. This piece stands as a testimony of the heroic history of the Nicaraguan people's struggle for freedom just like the ones from Venezuela. Rodrigo is very proud this piece also became a symbol and an inspiration for the people of Nicaragua and Latin America as a whole. It became utterly viral during the facts and inspired a range of art and artist to use creation as a "weapon of mass construction".

"Bravo Pueblo Abril" Click HERE to read more about the piece

All the peoples and symbols depicted in the piece took a major role in the history of Nicaragua and the ensemble of the composition is there to give it a hint of understanding the "whole" of the situation. This is Human Rights militant art.

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