"CBD Bob"
50x40cm Acrylic on canvas with Mike Timing. October 2021

I was staying at Yan Vondra' house in Switzerland and we decided to paint a piece together with Mike Timing, also a friend from when I was a kid and lived in Switzerland. Mike has been a graffiti artist and a Hip Hop DJ. We have already made art and music together back in the days and we seized this occasion on Yan's impulse to create this work in collaboration.  All it took was to come up with the idea (from mike). We found it would be funny to make Bob Marley smoking a joint the subject of a piece here in the context of the CBD weed movement and discussion. It made us both laugh as we imagined the image so we set up to buy a canvas, paint and a couple of brushes, all it took was a few hours and we got to put on canvas what we wanted.

The piece came out smooth because we have been friends for a long time. Mike also used to play DJ for us when I was a rapper with the band Los De La Salsa in Switzerland so we understand and have the experience about team work, not to mention we used to play battle video games too! This piece worked real well because he had empathy and came up with the idea from my perspective and at the same time I was honored and happy to make it a reality on canvas ith that same day. I call it a conversational piece. Would Bob smoke CBD?