110x170cm Acrylic on canvas 2014

This piece was made during 2015, it depicts all the causes I considered "libertarian" that year. There are references to Kobane (the female Kurdish fighters) Black Lives Matter, Ukraine, Venezuela, Hong Kong's umbrella revolution, Brazilian Amazon Indians, etc as well as references to 3 artists which I consider share a common denominator: DelaCroix, Picasso and Banksy. This artists are (for me) the representation of this type of art in different times, contexts and styles. This piece won first price of The Accademia internazionale Alfonso Grassi of Salerno the same year it was painted. It also became a very viral piece in social networks. It has been shown in Miami at the "Miami River Art Fair" of 2015 and at Nina Torres Fine Art's Gallery at Miami in 2016.

This piece contains for me a sum of different directions and styles I now master and I love to play with the sense of total composition against a "collage" of small details and references (both artistic and sociological). We are what we are as individuals and as a whole, this is a very humanistic piece with the pretention to "fix the times" in painting, at least from my point of view, filters and references.

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