"Wonder woman slaps Donald Trump"
85x125cm Acrylic on canvas 2016

This piece is a follow up to "Wonder Woman meme" I choose to reinterpret and use as a standard this idea and replace the "slapped one" and the writings on the dialogue bubbles with someone pertinent to 2016. It had to be Donald Trump who'd get it. This piece is inspired from "meme culture" in social networks, specifically from the famous Batman slapping Robin meme. It also has a classical pop culture inspiration from Lichtenstein. It follows the same line of mixing past and present symbols and icons I've used in this period and type of pieces. This is a unique piece I was helped in by Vincenzo Lomanto who is the very talented italian comic book artist that made the wonder woman design for me.  

"Wonder Woman meme"  2016

This piece became the talk of the town at Art Montreux 2017 and utterly viral in the social networks, I made a digital version of it, leaving the text bubbles blank and people would make their own memes and publish them on their own, thus creating more creation by inspiring and recycling of the original work, which is itself a retake. This is a well rounded piece and clearly one of the mayor pieces I made in that period. 

PIECE AVAILABLE @ Valorum.ch, Switzerland.

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