"Little Bird of Prey

60x60cm Acrylic on canvas 2015 

I admit I'm honored to start describing this piece by the fact that it's the property of the Marquese Annibale Berlingieri collection, this by itself is allready significative. This piece is part of the "Birds of prey" series, it's a unique piece and there's no other version or reuse of the design. I was very fortunate to meet Il Marquese Berlingieri at his cattle in Basilicata that same year to show him my works. He overflew them politely but when he came upon this one he stopped and told me "I like this one, It reminds me of a Warhol, in fact I'm going to hang it aside a Warholl" Thus making me the ultimate honor to become part of his renowned collection.

There are others pieces on this concept and style, I like to mix up signs and a specific way of delivery. Contrasts and "open to duscusion material" are key in my work. It might seam at first glance as if it was like unpersonal pop art in series but, it is in fact, the contrary, i make them all by hand and think them as unique, each one having a very specific indiviual meaning and particular nature.  

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